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Symbolic Gathering on 26 September 2018 for Defence of Civil Rights of Tariq Ramadan

Saint Michel Square – Paris

This first mobilisation is part of a process of dignity, calm and serenity.
Despite all that has been said, we remain calm and consider that justice does its job impartially.

One thing is certain: Tariq Ramadan, just like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, belongs to a group of historical figures that share the defence of minority rights.

Decried on their day, they all contributed significantly to promoting the debate on issues related to dignity, freedom and rights.

In the case of Tariq Ramadan, the political character was pushed aside quickly, while in the end it seems clear that radical political actors are not alien to this matter.

Police investigations revealed several names in connection with the complainants.

Justice is on its way and should highlight all these disturbing new facts.

This first mobilisation was intended to demonstrate dignity, strength, but above all, solidarity, the purpose of which was to show a new mode of mobilisation that we would like to reproduce very soon.

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