“Marie” / Mounia Rabbouj (third plaintiff)


The third accuser, an ex-escort girl named “Marie”, real name Mounia Rabbouj, was known by the authorities since 2015 when she filed similar complaint against Dominique Strauss-Khan. This time, the French Muslim woman accuses Tariq Ramadan of raping her nine times between 2013 and 2014.

With respect to this accusation, Emmanuel Marsigny, Ramadan’s lawyer, reports that “the magistrates considered, following explanations from Mr Ramadan and some documents that he was able to provide, that there was no need to investigate Mr Ramadan”. Me Marsigny further explains that his client “explained at length to the magistrates… that there had been sexual games, that there had been sexual relations as well, but that they were always freely consensual.”

Facing the evidences against her, Mounia later admitted to have being bribed and her rape accusation was reduced to “assisted witness“.

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