The Fight for Truth and Justice Continues

It has been one week since professor Tariq Ramadan was released from his unjust incarceration.

We are evidently very pleased with this partial victory that allows Tariq Ramadan to focus on his health and provides the means to properly focus on his defence.

Although the name of our campaign is “Free Tariq Ramadan” and Tariq Ramadan is now free, this does not mean our work is over.

With a case clearly marked from the beginning as being politically motivated, we still need to fight to completely clear Tariq Ramadan’s name, continue the call for due process and a confirmation of innocence.

We will also continue to be there to call out the ferocious political and media demonization he has endured in France for the last 25 years and continues today as we have seen with this case.

A large part of that battle he carried out courageously but on his own.

That is not so today as these accusations have sensitized his supporters on how vicious and unrelenting those who want to silence Tariq Ramadan have been.

Me Marsigny has formally filed a request for all charges to be thrown out as the mounting evidence firmly demonstrates the plaintiffs, backed by Tariq Ramadan’s sworn enemies, were overwhelmingly lying in their accounts.

As for you, the supporters of this campaign: thank you for your presence, solidarity, words of encouragement, prayers and responding to our calls for action.

We will need you to stay with us and continue to fight for truth and justice in order for Tariq Ramadan to be truly free.


Free Tariq Ramadan Campaign


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