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Maitre Marsigny after the confrontation with “Christelle”

The confrontation planned in July 2018 finally took place today.

The confrontation is always a moment of truth, since it allows to put the interlocutors in front of their truth and contradictions.

18 September 2018

Maitre Marsigny after the confrontation with “Christelle”:

“The confrontation planned in July 2018 finally took place today.

The confrontation is always a moment of truth, since it allows to puts the interlocutors in front of their truth and contradictions.

Mr Tariq Ramadan maintained his position firmly: he never had sexual relations with this plaintiff, known as Christelle.

This confrontation was an opportunity to ask this civil party to prove what she said.

There are no medical certificates. The medical certificates that have been produced contradict what she says.

Stories about contact with the intelligence services at that time, with the president of the republic at the time, to have Mr Ramadan banned in France…, it all disappeared!

She denies having said all that, she denies having been in touch with the intelligence services, with politicians.

In short, what emerges from this confrontation are clearly fabrications, it is obvious that in view of this, we will submit a new request for release, and it would make no sense if this did not receive a favorable response, since it was indicated in July that it was the absence of this confrontation that was the reason to oppose his release.

So I am confident, I have always had faith in the justice system.

I hope that the elements brought forward now for a number of months, including Mrs Ayari having no longer a place, nor a date [of the alleged rape].

Besides, the last time our most recent request for release was rejected, we were told that it was still too early for that, we were not told that we were wrong, we were told that it was early for that.

He must be released; there is no reason for him to remain in custody. I remind you that his health condition is getting worse, he is now handicapped, and it is time to put an end to all this.

Question: Did you discuss the issue of the plaintiff’s presence at Tariq Ramadan’s conference the very moment she says she was raped?

The civil party denies having attended this conference, even though she said the opposite to a doctor, documented on the judicial requisition; even though shortly after the events, she reported on something that took place at this conference.

The question of whether it will be settled by an expert? We asked that an expertise be made and for the time being, we still do not have the answer. I wonder why after so many months we still do not have the answer!

It is also time for us to conduct a psychological and psychiatric expertise of this civil party, as it appears her mental health is under question, which necessarily questions her credibility.

You must know that the story she gives is perplexing when she claims that she would have “stayed more than four hours in a hotel room while waiting for her rapist, and then left in the early morning!” All this is totally inconsistent.

She is even unable to indicate the address of the police station where she claims to have gone to.

In short, there are only accusations, fabrications, and no evidence to bring credibility to what is totally impossible to be proven.

Question: How do you react to the fact criminal proceedings are being initiated in Switzerland since last weekend?

We expected the opening of this criminal investigation.

But first, we have no official confirmation except a statement from the prosecution.

I notice once again that the press was manipulated by the civil parties, since it was stated that Mr Ramadan would have been indicted, which is legally completely impossible.

It seems logical to me that the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Geneva wishes to collect [Mr Ramadan]’s observations related to a complaint that has been lodged, and due to the fact that he is in France, in pre-trial detention, if the prosecutor’s office moves to Geneva, I will let my Swiss colleagues, who are defending Mr Ramadan with me in this case inform you how things evolve.

But we have absolutely no worries about this case, we know the woman who filed the complaint is, and we know that this woman has been in contact with all the other plaintiffs for years, therefore there is much more to reveal about certain revelations, especially as to the personality of this civil party in Switzerland.

Question: Can you tell us more?

Not for the time being. You will understand that I am waiting to have access to elements in the judicial file. The prosecutor’s office in Geneva opened a criminal investigation, we are totally serene at this stage as we already have the elements ready to defend Mr Ramadan.

If Mr Ramadan’s release is refused on the grounds that a Swiss prosecutor wants to hear him on facts that supposedly occurred more than ten years ago, while Mr Ramadan is in detention since several months in France, then I will see there an instrumentalization of justice, and it will be up to those who are behind this instrumentalization of justice, to explain that.

There is no objective reason for a complaint in Switzerland to delay in any way the release of Mr Ramadan, this has nothing to do with it, except the fact that this is a suspicious coincidence in the calendar that fools absolutely no one.”

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