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Defence submits new evidence showing plaintiff lies


Tariq Ramadan was heard this morning, this time at his request, by the investigating judges in charge of the case.

The hearing allowed professor Ramadan and his lawyer, Marsigny, to present new evidence that the recent technical expertise highlighted. Indeed, the messages exchanged between the accusers and Tariq Ramadan clearly demonstrated that there was never rape.

Following this hearing, Emmanuel Marsigny announced a complaint against the two accusers for “slanderous denunciation and denunciation of imaginary crimes”. A new application for release was also filed today.

Tariq Ramadan, who has been condemned from the beginning in the face of deep-seated accusations is relieved to have been able to express himself to restore the truth.

This case should take a different turn as the complainants will now have to explain their lies.

Our struggle for justice continues and we will keep on fighting for it!


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