This is an update on how the case is evolving.

These past few months have been crucial in allowing Tariq Ramadan to focus on his health, family and defence.

He is slowly getting better with medical treatment and daily intense physical therapy. Ten months of an unjust incarceration have proven devastating for Professor Ramadan’s health.

The coming months will be critical to determine if Tariq Ramadan will be able to walk again without a walker. We have to be patient and ask for your du’ah in sha Allah.

Meanwhile, the second plaintiff, Paule-Emma Aline (“Christelle”), testified before the judges last week, leaving investigators again questioning her version of events. The SMS she sent, even if the dates are missing, leave no doubt, according to the criminal police itself, that she is lying.

We hope the juges will finally listen to what the police investigators have been repeating for the last three months.

As well, the facial recognition expert retained by the judges has come to the same conclusion as the defence’s three experts, and in fact with even more certainty: it is indeed Paul-Emma Aline in the audience, during the exact time she claims to be sequestered.

The decision to have all charges thrown out will be decided on March 14. Until then, we continue the call for due process and a confirmation of innocence.

Thank you again for your support, solidarity and calls for justice.

We will keep you informed of the latest developments as we get them.


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