A decision will be made on March 14!

The hearing to have all charges thrown out against Tariq Ramadan was reviewed yesterday (January 17th) by the appeal judges.

A decision will be made on March 14. 

We will keep you informed of the latest developments as we get them.


  1. Enoch 10 months ago

    Dr. Tariq Ramadan.
    A profound world scholar, people like him come every other centuries. It is shameful how such an illustrious man like him can be persecuted like this. I am a Christian but I have learned so much, so much from him. I have read his books and listened his lectures and I never believed once of the sexual misconduct allegations that have been used against his un-corruptible character. This allegation against him were a smear campaign, pressure tactics deployed by his detractors to silence him and suppress his powerful ideas and thoughts of an inclusive future.
    Currently in the world Tariq Ramadan ideology and teachings are most needed to counter world politics from trending and sliding to the historical diabolical mistakes of the past. I wish one of his children would pick up where he left off and forcefully defend his legacy , sell his books, spread his thoughts and do the opposite of what his distrators wanted about him.
    I am hopeful like millions of his admirers around the world that his innocence will be vindicated and he shall be free and join his family and continue his intellectual contributions. When he does become free next month, I will take a day off from my work and celebrate.

  2. MLSKemppi 10 months ago

    After two months had passed without a decision being made, the plaintiffs filed a motion for a preliminary injunction. Pursuant to the injunction, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York ordered the government on 23 June 2006 to issue its decision on Ramadan’s pending B Visa application within 90 days.

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