Me Marsigny’s Statement After Dr. Ramadan’s Release on Bail

“Tariq Ramadan’s release is logical in light of the latest developments that show the rape charges falling apart. There were no more obstacles to his release”

“The latest developments in the case demonstrated the SMS messages sent by the plaintiffs to Mr. Ramadan and what they say today is totally false and in total contradiction with what they wrote at the time ”

“He has been detained for nine months, but in a hospital setting and his detention was judged compatible with his state of health on the sole condition that he would have access to multidisciplinary care carried out in a satisfactory manner. We know that was not the case so this will be his first priority, as you can imagine, knowing that he is now handicapped and to determine whether this disability is reversible or not. ”

“Several weeks ago I filed a new application for dismissal.”

“The judicial fight does not stop but today is already a spectacular advance in this case”

Me Marsigny

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