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Henda Ayari’s version collapses

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On the evening of May 26, 2012, where she claims to have been raped by the Swiss intellectual Henda Ayari was at the wedding of her younger brother in the Seine-Maritime area.
By Stéphane Sellami

Posted on 19/07/2018 at 12:43 | Lepoint.fr

These are objective elements of the investigation that could definitely undermine the accusations made by Henda Ayari against the intellectual Tariq Ramadan.

This former Salafist, now a secular and feminist activist, claims to have been raped in 2012 by the Swiss theologian. She was the first to file a complaint against him in October 2017. Two other complaints have since followed in France. Tariq Ramadan was indicted in February for “rape on vulnerable person” and “rape” before being remanded in custody.

The Intellectual has always refuted any rape charges since the beginning of this case.

This Thursday, July 19, Henda Ayari and Tariq Ramadan were confronted with eachother for the first time at the chambers of the three Parisian investigating judges in charge of the case.

According to our information, the magistrates now have several elements collected by the investigators of the Paris judicial police criminal unit contradicting Henda Ayari’s statements on the precise day she confirmed to have been raped.


Initially, this mother of three, aged 41 and living in the Seine-Maritime area, had indicated that the incident took place at the Holiday Inn hotel, located near the Gare-de-l’Est area, between March 31 and April 8, 2012.

Then she retracted her statements, claiming that she was raped on May 26, 2012, in a room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Place de la République in Paris.

To back up her new statements, Henda Ayari gave the magistrates an old agenda dating back from 2012 and presenting inscriptions in her own handwriting that reveal the name and address of this hotel.

In this same agenda, Henda Ayari also noted the trip by metro to reach this hotel from the Saint-Lazare station.

This first accuser of Tariq Ramadan again explained to the judges that it was the Intellectual himself who had told her by phone at the time, the metro lines connections to be made in order to join him at that hotel located in the Place de la République.

She also noted the departure times of her train at Rouen – 8:08 pm – and her arrival time – 9:48 pm – at the Saint-Lazare station. She also provided the check stub attesting to the purchase of her train ticket on May 26, 2012, from the SNCF.


According to our information, in order to verify the victim’s schedule on the day of the incident, the criminal unit’s investigators proceeded, on July 9, to the testimony of her younger brother. From the outset, the latter indicated that he no longer has any relationship with his sister since she “wrote her book in which she claims a lot of mischief about [his] family”.

“I cut the ties, but I see her from time to time when there is a wedding in the family,” he continues. […] Our age difference has always meant that we have never been close. But since all these stories, I do not want to have anything to do with her anymore. […] I want to tell you that when I heard in the media that she had filed a complaint, honestly, I told myself that she would succeed in having what she has always been striving for; fame. She has always dreamed of being a known figure. For me, she is an opportunist. On the rape in question, I do not believe it, but, well, I do not know.”

Asked about the specific date of May 26, 2012, Henda Ayari’s younger brother said that “it was the day of [his] marriage”. “It took place in Petit-Couronne, 7 or 8 kilometers from Rouen. […] The party began around 6pm or 7pm.

“I remember that my sister was here that night. She was with her three children. I cannot tell you what time she left. […] According to my recollection, she was present and smiling, he testifies before the police officers of the Crim [The Criminal Unit]. It seems to me that we see her on a video of the marriage which is copied on a DVD. ”

The younger brother is then very critical of his sister’s attire. “She does not have good morals. She dresses provocatively. Sometimes when she came to my house, I was ashamed of her outfits. “I know that psychologically she is crazy. She is unbalanced. […] she’s a big mythomaniac. She is manipulative. She has several personalities. […] In any case, the date of May 26, 2012 does not stand up. ”


In the aftermath of these statements, the investigators retrieved two photographic snapshots of the wedding on May 26th featuring Henda Ayari. The brother also confirms that his sister was in fact present at this ceremony from “8 pm to 3 am and was sitting at the table with friends of the bride.” “Ms. Henda El Ayari is wearing a long white floral dress, she wears a jewel headband supporting a white flower on the right side”, still describes a policeman in his minutes dated July 10 about the famous shots. The same police officers had also confirmation at the civil status office of the town hall of Rouen that Henda Ayari’s brother had effectively got married on May 26, 2012.

All of which could, perhaps, lead the judges to reconsider the indictment of Tariq Ramadan and place him under the status of assisted witness with regards to the facts denounced by this complainant.

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