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A. As I wrote in the text posted on June 6, the same day Henda Ayari released her new book, ‘No More Veiled and No More Violated’, I met her within the context of an evening organized by Karim Achoui.

It was during the launch party of the Muslim Judicial Defense League and she was presented to me by a former companion of Saïd Bourarach, found dead in the Ourcq canal in 2011.

That’s when I got to know her. She intended to help the collective, Truth and Justice and the family of the deceased to make this cause heard.


A. Indeed, while we were trying to raise funds to help Nathalie Potignon and her son, she was trying to come closer to me and telling me I was one of the few honest people who was mobilizing for a noble cause.

At that time, I did not really question anything since what interested me the most obviously was to provide support, at least financially, to Said’s son.

Then at a commemoration of the Algerian massacres of October 17, 1961 in Paris, she presented herself on the Saint-Michel bridge, leading me believe that she was leaving the Justice department at 7 pm and proposing I stay with her for a moment to discuss her life, her difficulties and more personal things.

There again, I listened carefully and learned a lot about her recent activism. Most importantly, I realized that she was a single woman, a mother, whose Salafist husband would have been unfair to her. She explained that she was one of the girls in 1994 who had been expelled from their schools because they wore the head scarf.

We often had the opportunity to meet with Nathalie Potignon, while continuing to exchange by phone or Messenger. It was in one of these exchanges on Messenger that she proposed I come to visit her in the city of Rouen. A little game of seduction that quickly ended when she met the famous Mr. K. and that’s where the problems began.

At that time, I received a series of insults and threats from Henda claiming I had made inappropriate gestures and that I had alluded to wanting to spend the night at her house in Rouen. Of course, all this was in her imagination. I cannot even start to tell you how unbearable this idea would have been for me.

To guard against such bad words and slander, I warned members of the collective Truth and Justice for Said, so they understood who exactly they were dealing with and what she was trying to do with her new friend. So, at that point, we put an end to our relationship of work in the community.

Later, I learned from a friend that her boyfriend, Mr. K, had left her. She tried to come back to talk to me through a friend to apologize for being manipulated by her ex-boyfriend.

I found that not only did she always present herself as a victim of others, but that her absolute desire to exist in the media had never left her. I forgave her behavior and considered her for what she was: a young woman a little lost who was very unstable psychology speaking.

I have of course kept text messages and conversations attesting to all this. I also have witnesses who testify to the accusations she had made against me. Everything has been handed over to the justice system.


A. Yes, she tried to appear trustworthy by confiding some little secrets and explaining to me that she knew Alain Soral very well with whom she conversed with regularly.

She went as far as to give me his phone number and explained that at the time, he pushed her to seduce Tariq Ramadan and make a proposal in a hotel to blackmail him. I was not surprised at this behavior and you can easily imagine why Soral was angry at Tariq Ramadan.

It was in December 2013, when she continued to compliment me on her Facebook feed and considered me a man of honor, did she tell me that Soral had proposed this idea.

I make no secret of the fact that I am a long-time anti-racist, that I have been campaigning for years for this cause and that I had many opportunities to cross paths with Alain Soral.

At the time, in 2011 I was with him at the Main d’Or theater on the topic of manipulation of Arab-Muslim masses through his anti-Semitic speech and willingness to mix his racism with the Palestinian cause.

I knew him well enough to have read his books and understood the danger he posed to our idle youth. I was unfortunately proven right, since today the head of state himself says that behind anti-Zionism, there is anti-Semitism. Alain Soral’s far-right ideology has managed to make this mix of genres and almost institutionalize it.

When Henda told me about Alain Soral, she knew at that time that I was his biggest detractor. She also knew very well the hatred he bore towards me. And that’s why she announced to me, because she had been talking to him for a long time by telephone or the Internet, that he offered to trick Tariq Ramadan into going to a hotel.

Of course, today she denies it but it remains an established fact that she knew Alain Soral very well. So much so that she ended up giving me his personal phone number.

Of course, I cannot confirm anything, since I have no elements but it is a feeling that has never left me.

In conclusion, I would say without taking too much risk that this whole affair was intended to discredit a person said to be the main representative of Arab Muslims in France. I think that at the end of all these judicial vicissitudes, there he will be exonerated.

This house of cards, initiated by a false accusation, seems to me rather fragile.


The media coverage began when she said her son had been contacted by Daesh when she says she had saved him from the clutches of his future comrades.

Obviously, her objective was to make the news so it did not surprise me when she released her book. She knew it would grab attention in the press. On the other hand, when she brought forward on October 20, 2017 rape charges against Tariq Ramadan, I found that intolerable.

I already knew her behavior towards certain people. But, to have us believe this when in fact she told me the opposite, that she had been a victim of rape in a hotel, was too much and unbearable to read.

On top of that, to see her strutting on all TV shows with the aura of a beaten dog, played to appear traumatized after the fact, I admit I found this outrageous.

The interview with Apolline de Malherbe showed a bad actress at its best, wanting us to buy into her story when she claimed not to be able to pronounce the name of her attacker tinged with a feigned emotion, then a few seconds in, launched into her favorite game of media staging by repeating Tariq Ramadan’s name. It seems she did not know her lines well.

I would not say that it revived a possible trauma for me since I was not at all traumatized by her deviant behavior. At the time she started to make such accusations against me, there were too many witnesses and written texts for her to play that card. The proof is that she came back later to apologize.


A: I consider that this young woman, whose life is obviously completely empty, has done everything to exist whatever the price. And I am not sure that she measured the gravity of the charge against Tariq Ramadan, or even the fact that he would end up in prison for such a long time.

One thing is certain in my opinion: nobody was behind her the day she posted this information. I’m not saying that Tariq Ramadan’s enemies were not on the lookout after she announced her alleged rape. I say that her initiative was totally individual and isolated at first. That’s what makes me think she’s not totally psychologically balanced.

So, in the end, yes I do I really do think she lied. I think her absolute desireto exist in the media led her to commit a serious fault, which runs the risk of turning against her in court.

One has only to see the way in which her statements have evolved, where one can say they are of variable geometry: places, dates, and even time in the meteorological sense, nothing is clear.

Moreover, the liar’s predicament is that they often make mistakes in their various versions. When you invent a story, it is difficult to be consistent and rigorous. If she had told the truth, there would be no doubt about the facts.

To denounce a crime is not a trivial thing, but unfortunately, her already chaotic past and the behaviors t I have seen do not bode well. I’ve seen how she’s lied to me so I’m sure that in this case, she is once again lying.

I said it on the first day, October 20, 2017 on Facebook, and I said it again on a Maghreb television, and I’m ready to testify if justice demands it in front of the judges.

I am not a fan of Mr. Ramadan, but I cannot stand the injustice, and especially the racist excesses of some media against this man who remains an intellectual.

You may not agree politically with a person but when you start showing signs of racism, I cannot accept it.

One thing is certain, Henda will experience very long moments of loneliness if justice establishes that she lied. All her supporters are already starting to distance themselves from her and this will happen even more. Already some personalities who were supporters have been absent for a few weeks.

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