Christelle Henda Ayari Monia

Who are the plaintiffs Henda Ayari, “Christelle”, “Marie”

The plaintiffs have advanced no proof to support their accusations while Tariq Ramadan languishes in prison without a shred of evidence against him.

The plaintiffs have made contradictory claims to investigators and media.

At the initial hearing, inconsistencies and contradictions in the testimonies of the two original plaintiffs presented by Tariq Ramadan’s legal team were ignored.

Let’s find out a bit more about these plaintiffs.

• The Paris Prosecutor’s office has also obtained the sworn written testimony of a state official who accuses Henda Ayari of sexual harassment and blackmail to rape: “She threatened to file a rape complaint if I did not have sex with her, harassing me for days.” Source:

• While Ayari testified to having finally stopped all attempts to contact Tariq Ramadan in mid-2013, his lawyers uncovered and formally submitted nearly 300 e-mails sent by Ayari to Ramadan between June and August 2014. Source:

• in June 2013, fifteen months after her alleged rape, Henda Ayari attempted to resume contact with Tariq Ramadan through Facebook through a cordial and warm e-mail starting with “Hey it’s been a while I wanted to have some news of you.” Tariq Ramadan blocked her from his Facebook page but on June 6, 2013, she reopened a second account and reached out to him once more, begging that he “let her in,” stop blocking her, and refrain from depriving her of at least “his Facebook page and his beautiful books.” Source:

• At no time were the judges interested in the surprising statements of the plaintiffs Henda Ayari and Christelle, especially their own confessions (reiterated in the press and now proven by documents including emails) that long after the alleged rapes, they insisted try to get in touch with Mr Ramadan on Facebook. They went from conferences to conferences to try to meet him.

• According to “Marie”’s sister, she was an escort girl involved with Cheikh Maktoum, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.

• In the Carlton affair, the magistrates said that “Marie” was not credible.

• “Marie’s” sister contacted Tariq Ramadan in 2014 and warned him that her sister was trying to trap him with a paparazzi, as she tried with DSK where she got money from Closer magazine.

• “Marie”s” own brother contacted Tariq Ramadan’s lawyer Emannuel Marsigny to say he was ready to provide testimony to the justice system against his own sister.

• According to the regional daily “La Voix du Nord”, “Marie” was involved in “a big insurance scam, involving seven people in Lille.” Fifty facts were listed for a prejudice of more than 100,000 euros with a well-run organization around fake traffic accidents, fake thefts of cars and bicycles, false burglaries … The declarations to the insurance were made with false documents in support. ” Source:

• And now news has come out today that Henda Ayari knows and is friends with “Marie”

• Christelle had crutches in 2009 but no investigation was carried out to find out what her health condition was then. Source:

• “Christelle” acknowledged to police that she created fake accounts with Tariq Ramadan’s name, in order to disseminate false information about him. Source:

• “Christelle” may be using forged evidence. After losing her cell phone (which supposedly contained incriminating evidence) for three months, she claimed to have found it.

• “Christelle” denied ever having been in contact with Ms. Ayari. Technical investigation shows that she lied and had indeed been in contact 116 times.

• The two plaintiffs shared four telephone numbers, including that used by Ms. Fourest and were in contact with each other 156 times.


1. France’s judicial authorities must respect and guarantee Tariq Ramadan’s right to a just, complete and fair legal process. Tariq Ramadan is innocent until proven guilty. Justice delayed is justice denied.

2. French authorities should immediately release Tariq Ramadan to allow him to prepare his defense.

Should the denial of due process in the Tariq Ramadan case continue, Muslims—and all concerned citizens—will conclude that the traditional French values of liberté, égalité et fraternité, do not apply to them.

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