“Christelle” / Paule-Emma Aline (Second Plaintiff)

Before portraying herself as a pious Muslim convert, “Christelle” (real name Paule-Emma A.) had a right-wing political career. She is the second woman to accuse Tariq Ramadan of rape.

After an unsuccessful election campaign running for the French National Assembly, she used social media for her activism, founding the web site “Women for Marine le Pen”, later known as “Femmes Françaises Magazine” (“French Women Magazine”).

In line with Marine le Pen’s rhetoric and political agenda, half the news articles on this platform portray Islam as a threat, a religion of hatred, and vilify Muslims as well as other ethnic minorities.

She admitted to judges of having forged email accounts in Ramadan’s name to disseminate fake messages and discredit his reputation.

She also confessed to her close friend that she was “fed up” with being “harassed by journalists, publishers, the French secret services and politicians”, who were apparently blackmailing her to accuse Tariq Ramadan of rape. As part of that harassment, she was investigated on four different occasions by the French tax services.

Ramadan’s lawyer requested an investigation into all of this including witness tampering. The lawyer’s request was denied, and some of these key elements have now mysteriously disappeared from the file.

Although they initially denied knowing each other, the investigation later showed that Paule-Emma A. communicated with the first plaintiff Henday Ayari, as well as with the journalist Caroline Fourest (notorious for having built her career on the demonization of Tariq Ramadan) in order to “end Ramadan’s political career”.

The police have found and interrogated all the witnesses (hotel clerks and bus drivers) whom she says had seen her directly after her alleged rape. However, none of them remember having seen a woman with bruises, tears, or signs of trauma, as described in her account.

Text messages found on a cell phone that Christelle finally gave in April prove that there was no rape.

Me Marsigny deplores that, while the text messages show consent by both parties, the judges and the press have willingly dismissed these messages that invalidate the accuser’s version of the events.

The accusation by Paule-Emma A., without any evidence and witnesses, resides solely on the truthfulness of her testimonial.

It is thus unfortunate, knowing the contradictions present in the accuser’s testimonial, her political activism, her acknowledged relation with the French secret services, politicians, journalists and the other accusers, that Tariq Ramadan remains incarcerated.