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#WordsFromInside: Thomas Sankara: They could not kill his thought

31 years have passed since Thomas Sankara was killed. A stone will be placed where he was murdered, along with 12 of his men.

What remains and should be celebrated is his ambition for real independence and liberation from all forms of political, economic and cultural colonization.

France decided to eliminate him but his thought remains alive and immortal. It should be listened to.

The future of Africa, this continent of the future, will one day be free, standing and proud.

That is when it will cease to be robbed of its resources, wealth, as well as its intelligence.

And that is when we will no longer complain about having to welcome its emigrants, our immigrants.

This was Sankara’s voice. He wanted to be leader of a country of “the honest people”.

He is dead as colonizers only save the lives of corrupt leaders.

The West complains about African immigrants, while they are directly responsible for its politics: stealing their people, negotiating with the most corrupt leaders, and holding their traditions in contempt.

Sankara said no, and his stone reminds us of this legacy.

From behind bars #WordsFromInside

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