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#WordsFromInside: MBS: Political decision to torture and eliminate political opponent

The assassination of Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi is Muhammad Ben Salman’s (MBS) political decision, confident in global impunity bestowed on him, his political and financial power, his secret services, his capacity to torture and summarily eliminate a political opponent abroad, as he does almost daily in his prisons and deserts.

It should be noted that the techniques used by his special commandos are similar to those of the Mossad.

Except Saudi security forces are clumsy and incompetent.

They are also very undisciplined: the only secret services in the world to act in an embassy representing the state, torture then execute an opponent of the state without the state being informed.

They did not commission this operation? What a mockery!

What is more ironic is that MBS and Saudi Arabia have enough money to force all world leaders to pretend to believe this preposterous version.

You will see how Western states will move on, forget and make us forget.

They will continue their juicy trade deals with the corrupt dictator and people will be entertained by other things.

Jamal Khashoggi was coldly tortured and then executed, like so many others, without triggering any extra emotion in us.

Our apathy and complacency is frightening.

From behind bars #WordsFromInside

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