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#WordsFromInside: A raised fist now and always

Fifty years ago, on October 16, 1968, Tommy Smith and John Carlos raised their fists.

They raised their fists high to demonstrate their double victory: the actual race and what this image came to symbolize.

That African-Americans were at the top and if America and the world were not willing to hear it, to see it, to understand it, then there was no future, neither for sport, nor for our societies, nor for humanity: all fundamentally free and equal.
Things have changed… but not enough.

Racism is still a reality everywhere, structurally, institutionally, inhumanly.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement in the United States reminds us every day of that reality, sorely and sadly.

The struggle for emancipation and liberation must imperatively continue 50 years later.

Today, we are thrilled by another symbol: the new US embassy in Ankara is located on the newly named “Malcolm X” street.

An irony of history…a promise for the future.

A raised fist, again and again.

From behind bars #WordsFromInside

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