The Tariq Ramadan Case: A Critical Update

by Alain Gabon

17 July 2018

Following rape accusations, Tariq Ramadan, Europe’s most influential Islamic intellectual, has now been incarcerated in France for over four months since February 2, despite the presumption of innocence. He has furthermore been placed in solitary confinement and to this day has been denied access to his own judicial file (and private mail, outside communications, etc.), obviously rendering his legal defense complicated, which one might think is precisely the whole point. For more background information on this affair, see here.

Besides the systematic vilification he continues to suffer in the mainstream media without being able to talk back and defend himself against this veritable lynching, his legal treatment by France’s justice system has literally been harsher than that of a convicted rapist or even murderer. For example, his own close relatives including his wife and children were denied visitation rights for nearly two months for no reason whatsoever, which is all the more unjust in the case of a person who, by French law, is supposed to be presumed innocent. (…)


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