Tariq Ramadan Case: Open letter to Emmanuel Macron, president of the Republic

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Fanny Bauer-Motti


I accuse…!

Mr President,

“My duty is to speak out, I do not wish to be an accomplice.” This is how Zola begins his letter denouncing the legal trial of the Dreyfus affair.

125 years later, in my capacity as a French citizen, I equally wish to speak out in the name of my co-citizens.

To speak out on behalf of a just and united France that does not discredit a man based on his faith, ideology or thought.

A France, that is as strong as its history in fighting and striving against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and any form of xenophobia.

“We are the stranger for the other” said the psychoanalyst Marinette Motti. It is time for the public debate in France to focus on unity rather than division.


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