Shaykh Salman Awdah : Nothing can justify our silence!

Our brother, Shaykh Salman al-Awdah, is facing a death sentence in Saudi Arabia. Because he has been calling for human understanding, civil freedom, critical thinking, and peace. For he has the true courage of the believer, who cannot be, in his spiritual quest, but a free mind. He is unjustly incarcerated.

The Muslims around the world are so silent, too silent. Unacceptably silent!

I hear some of my sisters and brothers repeating: if we speak for him (living in another country), we must speak for everyone and… as this is not possible… it provides them with a justification about their silence regarding all cases. This is such strange reasoning!

The truth is the exact opposite: We have to speak out when one innocent human being, whoever she or he is, is facing an unjust and outrageous imprisonment and potential condemnation.

If he is a prominent scholar, this must help us to highlight and speak out about all the anonymous people who are tortured and/or dying in jail.

There is no escape: we must speak, condemn and campaign for justice.

Nothing can justify our silence except political calculation, cowardly fear and laziness.

We like when people speak for us and we are so quick to forget to speak for them. Indeed this behavior speaks for us, speaks about us, speaks against us. Shameful silence.

In order to help our sisters and brothers unjustly treated, tortured and assassinated it is imperative first to stop being unjust with our own selves…

A man, Shaykh Salman al-Awdah, among so many others, is facing an unacceptable death sentence decided by and within a dictatorial system.

We may understand – and yet be shocked – by the silence of Western democracies as we know that their Governments value more pure oil than the impure Arab, Asian and African blood… Yet how can we interpret the silence and negligence of the Muslims, and especially Western Muslims?

Are we so integrated to go as far as to accept that some lives have less value than others?

God is the greatest, Islam is great but we have to acknowledge that too many Muslims simply do not meet the Islamic expectation.

Free Shaykh Salman al-Awdah and all the innocents from the Saudi jail… and from all the jails around the world! All the jails, and even in the West! If our personal freedom is not enlightened by our struggle for the freedom of all, it means we are not free : fear is the worst and most pernicious invisible jail.

Like it or not.

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