Maryam Ramadan: “We must denounce the injustice suffered by my father”


Marianne France (in French)


Maryam Ramadan, the daughter of the prominent academic and thinker Professor Tariq Ramadan, talks about her father’s incarceration and what appears to be a travesty of French “justice”. 

Q: Where does the legal case against Tariq Ramadan currently stand?

My father is indicted in two complaints while he is considered an “assisted witness” in a third one.

This means, according to the judges, that there is no credible element to indict him on this third complaint categorically denied since the beginning.

His lawyer asked for a disbanding of the first two complaints, noting that no proof or evidence has been found against his client.

The judges considered it too early to make this decision and the lawyer has appealed this decision.

Just a note that the judges only retain suspicions against my father and neglect, delay or simply ignore all the exculpatory evidence (lies, contradictions, inconsistencies, communications between the plaintiffs, etc.)

The case has collapsed but my father is still in custody because of a delayed confrontation (originally scheduled for July 18) to be now held on September 18 with the second plaintiff.


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