French abandon liberty, equality and fraternity when it comes to Ramadan

WTX News

Yvonne Ridley


You’d be hard pushed to find a bigger supporter of the #MeToo campaign than myself but I have to admit – and this will come as a shock to some of my friends and followers of this column – I am feeling very uncomfortable and conflicted about the ongoing legal drama around Professor Tariq Ramadan.

He stands accused of rape by a group of women who emerged during the height of the global #MeToo scandal and if he is guilty then I’d be among the first to shout “lock him up and throw away the key!” However the French need to let the man defend himself in the first place but in their frenzy to dispense French justice they appear to be ready to haul him off to the guillotine without a trial.

The only trial I’ve seen is by elements of the French media who can’t even get his nationality right, so blinded are they in their hatred of anything to do with religion and, Islam in particular. While the rest of the Western world has consistently viewed Ramadan as a liberal scholar, the French authorities are running around with all the dignity of a headless chicken in the belief they’ve captured the equivalent of Osama bin Ladin! The hysteria and (over)reaction of the judiciary is simply astonishing and way out of proportion to reality.


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