The Algerian people are right to rebel. Of course. Yet, it is not enough to state it and to support them. It is necessary to seriously and courageously criticize the regime, the military and the families who, around the Bouteflikas’, transform this rich country into a private property of corrupt people.

Systematic criticism must include foreign governments (first and foremost the United States and France) which backstage this masquerade of elections and democracy. These same powers which, in the name of “true democracy”, want to get rid of an elected Maduro but who discreetly and effectively defend a Bouteflika militarily co-opted. They love the Venezuelan people so much, while they make fun of the Algerian people! As they make fun of the Egyptian, Syrian, Yemeni, Libyan, Afghani peoples, etc. In the light of this enumeration, one would be tempted to conclude that they do not like Arabs or Muslims. Such a wrong reading is indeed what they encourage us to promote and spread around.

In truth, these practices say less about their specific hatred than about their unique adoration: their golden calf is oil, uranium, gas, lithium, all of which combine in the one and same worship of money, interests and power.

Victory, whatever the result, is to have the courage to resist them.

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